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Name: HT-C-CPM
Category: Continuous Passvie Motion
product description:
Product Name: HT-C lower Limb CPM, Knee, with mouse hand control, micro computer control
Specification :
1.The angle range for knee joint:  - 5°~120°
2.The angle range for coxa joint:   5°~ 90°
3.Running rate scope:0~24mm/s (adjustable continuously)
4.Setting working hours: 0~4 hours
5.Power Supply: AC220V 50HZ
6.Voltage: DC24V
7.Rating power: 60W
8.Load: 15 kg
9.Equipment size: 80x27.5x31(cm)
10.Packing size: 92x39x40(cm)
11.G. W: 26kg
12.N. Weight: 22kg
1).It can suitable for different stature people because it can adjust the length of bracket of the thigh and calf according to requirement.
2).It can apply to healing the knee, coxa and ankle joint, as well as recovery from the elbow and wrist joint with the combination of a special bracket.
3).Can meet the max requirement of patient because it can adjust the active angle and speed at large range.
4).With microcomputer control so that it can operate freely and smoothly, and it also have the function to record the bracket angle.
5).It is safe, reliable and low noise with use low voltage direct current motor drives.
6).It can display the angle direct-viewing, clearly and regularly with a large size LCD backlight screen.
7).Has timing and twinkle indication function.
8).The motor has overload automatic protection function.
9).With a manual mouse for patient to control the start/stop in time or change the direction of running when he/she feels uncomfortable
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